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Aviation Photography: Art or Taboo

Aviation Photography: Art or Taboo

The human being has always sought to capture some special moments of life in some way or another. From ancient civilizations it has seen evidence of this as in the caves of Altamira for example, where animals and human figures are represented in stone. In the pyramids in Egypt was something similar, and based on these images have been able to interpret and speculate on what life was like back then. The Renaissance was a time when painting evolved to the point that was the closest thing to see a “snapshot” with a level of spectacular detail as is visible in the play “The Arnolfini Portrait” painter Jan Van Eyck.

The phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” is evidence that we humans understand us better by images, symbols, graphics and other means. This need to capture and immortalize plus the fact that the human image is more valuable than a text led to the invention of the camera moments. Since then it has become easier to capture and immortalize some seconds of everyday life.

Today this invention has become a must and we have created such a large dependence of photography that is inconceivable without a newspaper photographs, advertising without a picture, or identification without the face of the wearer. In short, today’s world without cameras, or without pictures can not exist.

Moving from everyday use to recreational use of cameras and their images are a very wide range of applications and uses. Few or no one to come to a pleasure trip or vacation without a camera. Those who forgot the camera buy at least one postcard as “memory”. Also in the recreation area of photography artistic photography which is divided into a number of specific niches born.

So many niches within the artistic photography that exist today there is a specific niche that interests us and that every day is gaining more ground. This is the photograph of aviation, which is also known as “Spotting” (although the term “Spotting” is used specifically for watching planes, it goes much hand photograph). 2 Photographers in Charlotte, NC

For those who took blood aviation power to capture the moment that a plane takes flight and immortalize, it brings a sense of excitement is indescribable: Each takeoff and landing is different and each is reason to be captured in photos. For the reasons “why” of this activity is added the existing amount of model airplanes, airlines, numerous color schemes and logos, airports, cities, scenarios, and colors of light and sky together They make a perfect picture.

In Ecuador this activity is relatively new, and not practiced by many people, why many people do not understand what this is about. A lot of people struggle to understand that this is a healthy activity: a hobby like collecting stamps or assemble models. This activity has been woefully misunderstood by people who know this hobby and believes that taking pictures of planes is related to terrorist activity, espionage, or related to something nefarious.

This ignorance has caused serious inconvenience to photographers who just want to capture that perfect moment flight. In Peru for example they were arrested and interrogated for days 2 photographers most emblematic of that country aviation since the authorities did not understand what it was about the activity they did, and did not believe that this was a hobby. In Argentina another group of photographers who were involved in this were detained and questioned with unethical practices. As a result, their cameras were confiscated, deleted photos, and is pitifully bad experience which lasted in this case.

Despite living in an advanced, globalized era, where the cold war and espionage are things of yesterday, where there are cameras in cell phones to capture every moment, there are still people who feel uncomfortable with this activity as if it were a taboo take pictures of airplanes. Where it relates taking pictures of planes that something bad will happen? It is not known, but the fear is present.

In contrast, there are places in the world where such activities are known, accepted and supported to the point that there are facilities for photographers at airports. Outside many airports in Europe there are places specifically designed to allow photographers to take pictures of airplanes safely and without interfering with air operations. In the terminals there are terraces for passengers or visitors can observe and photograph the aircraft. In other parts of the world the airport bars have specific openings where one can get the camera to take photos. Schipol airport in Amsterdam there are no bars on the airport perimeter and instead there is a channel of water that people know they should not cross. In Zurich tours to specific locations within the airport and platforms to organize photos.

If there really were a negative activity with bad intentions, authorities of these countries allow something like knowing what’s at risk? I personally think not. The fact is that there are these facilities to help your people develop a positive activity. Photographs daily congregation in Frankfurt.

There are thousands of photographers worldwide aircraft of different ages, races and sexes since the Internet became popular have taken the initiative to expose their hobby. The best-known internet site for this activity is “” which is the place that encompasses the largest community of photographers in the world. There are other pages as “” and “” and “Hashtag Printer” where the skills of photographers around the world will also demonstrate at the time of capture images of planes. Some are so renowned that have become icons of their country of origin.

This community is a kind of brotherhood and several times a year photographers gather in certain places to take and share photos. Sometimes the meetings consist of 20 or more people. The vast majority of photographers are friends, or know each other, or at least know their works. If a photographer visit another country or another city, do not forget to contact local photographers to meet. When a photographer is received in another city, it is treated as a king. In my personal experience I have been received in several cities in several countries of the most hospitable and fraternal way to take pictures. When I have been visited by photographers I’ve treated them the same way.

Inspired by how close it is this community, and seeking to put up the name of our country two years ago decided to create Ecuador Aviation Photography: a small blog whose purpose is to integrate the community of photographers Ecuador, and people who truly appreciates this art. So far the results have been positive: I could integrate and publish photos of some photographers just getting into this hobby. In the future it is expected that the number of contributors and photographers is greater, and the community is so large and united as other countries.

Another purpose of this blog is to end the taboo on the part of the authorities when it comes to taking pictures. It is understandable that being so many hours outside an airport with a camera can raise suspicions, but if one really had bad intentions would disguise precisely to avoid the attention. Opening the mind, changing the mentality suspicious, knowing about these activities and taking them to light is the only way that people can understand and appreciate finely what this art is aviation photography is all about.

Ecuador is blessed with beautiful landscapes that lend themselves to spectacular photos. Many photographers Quito have referred to as the “Kai-Tak Latin America” because of its geography, the complexity of the approach, and the proximity to the city. There have been many photographers who have come from across the world to take pictures in this wonderful setting. Another reason that make such a coveted destination Ecuador is the variety of “rare” aircraft still fly in our skies. The Boeing 727, the Hawker-Siddeley HS-748 (commonly known as the “Avro”), the 737-200, and until recently, the Fokker F-28 aircraft are most desired by foreign photographers. I remember once a photographer told me: “I will not return to me without taking a picture of a 727”.

The power take spectacular pictures depends on many factors, but the main one is the “want”. It is not always necessary to have a spectacular camera or taking a photography course to realize this hobby. In fact, many photographers are amateurs who have learned the basis of “trial and error” and have been advised by other photographers of the community and have materialized spectacular shots. Everything is a matter of practice, perseverance, enthusiasm, and have a good eye for photography. If you do not have the latter, is not a problem as it is a skill that develops with the practice.

Hopefully future aviation photography go gaining ground in the community and that is something to which people do not issue or belittle, but instead it is something that people can appreciate and support. We must seize the landscapes and conditions offered by our country to put artistic identity and the name of our country aviation high.

Passenger plane wrapped in plastic flying over cemetery

According to comments on social networks, it is believed that the person was of the Orthodox community of the Kohanim, who are prohibited from being in contact with the dead.

12/04/2013 – 11:31
After some beautiful photo of a passenger plane wrapped in a plastic bag has become the new viral image Internet.

The man, dressed entirely in black under the bag is slightly bowed his head while passengers around trying to see something on the seatbacks.

The picture was originally uploaded to the social network Reddit last Tuesday, and according to comments from the users themselves, it is believed that the man under the bag is Kohein , religious descendant of priests of ancient Israel , who are banned from flying over cemeteries .

Many are wrapped in plastic as a way to avoid contact with the outside.

“In Orthodox and Conservative communities, it is expected to Kohanim, plurar of Kohein, avoid contact with the dead , including the prohibition of visiting cemeteries except funerals of close relatives” says the Rabbi Jeffrey W. Goldwasser on the site ถุงซิปล็อค .

A controversial solution, even some Orthodox Jews, is the plastic bag used by the man in the photograph. With this method, they create a sort of barrier between the kohein and tumah, or unclean surroundings.

Some flights take special routes to avoid cemeteries, and also warn passengers if they are carrying a body in charge.

There have been flights have been delayed or returned to their place of origin when they have refused to carry passengers wrapped in bags. The main problem is security, because despite having belt could not use oxygen masks for any possible emergency . In addition, another serious problem is the lack of air, because according to Jewish newspaper YatedNe’eman , is not allowed to drill holes in the bag , since they will enter the impurities.

Eating healthy while traveling: how to care diet when you play fly
  • No more than 4 or 5 hours without eating: Hungry worst chose the menu.
  • To minimize the ‘jet-lag’, set meals to the time zone that you visit.
  • Sleep on the plane if it is night in your destination and stay awake during the flight if it is daytime at your destination.
  • Drinking a glass per hour during the flight will help prevent dehydration and jet lag. “

Summer vacation can mean for some lucky have to take several flights or at least make a couple of long flights. Both fly is a whole series of changes in diet and healthy eating can be relegated .

In those days plane after plane, it is important to choose carefully the food as this will influence our energy level and how to enjoy day From the trip. The European Food Information Council aims a number of tips for those who frequently use the aircraft as a means of transport or will make long – haul flights because of the summer holidays.

During the flight, stretch your back, arms and legs and walks the halls Overcoming the ‘jet-lag ‘ to minimize the effect of jet-lag , which disrupts the natural rhythms, try changing the clock at the start of the flight and adjust the meals to the time zone that you visit . Sleep on the plane if it is night in your destination and stay awake during the flight if it is daytime at your destination.

The kind of food we eat affect sleep patterns. If you overeat before going to sleep, your body will still performing digestion which will make difficult the break. Digestion time will be much longer after a high – fat meal than after a solution based on fruit, vegetables or carbohydrates. Eat healthy and light before traveling Take salad, fresh fruit, soups made with vegetables or roast chicken can help start the trip with best foot. flying dehydrates easily pressurized cabins during flight cause the body to lose water.

Drinking a glass per hour during the flight will help prevent dehydration and jet-lag . Even mild dehydration can affect your mental functioning. Furthermore, the dehydration caused during flight is a risk factor for thrombosis of deep vein. Drinking alcohol instead of water or fruit juice while you fly dehydration worsens. If during a flight you could not drink, be sure to hydrate properly after landing.

Drinking alcohol while flying instead of water or juice worsens dehydration Moderate consumption of caffeinated beverages Caffeine in coffee, tea and some sodas are mild stimulant and high consumption contributes to dehydration and can disrupt sleep. It is also important to not use these drinks as a substitute for food. Keeping the body active Moderate physical activity is good for the heart and circulatory system as well as for health and global welfare. Use the stairs instead of the elevator, walk or try to do some kind of exercise.

During flights, straighten your back, arms and legs and walk through the halls , which stimulates circulation and helps prevent deep vein thrombosis and jet-lag . Eat a variety of foods Take a variety of foods facilitates consumption balanced nutrients . If you keep a reasonable size portions, it will be easier to eat what you like without having to remove anything. The standards of food hygiene recall the rule ‘cook it , peel it or leave it’ healthy choices Moderate your fat intake, especially fats saturated and sugar, sodium and alcohol. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables to get the five a day and cereals, all foods high in fiber.

Consider the standards of food hygiene wherever you go, especially in destinations such as Asia, Africa and South America, follows the rule ‘cook it , peel it or leave it’. Do not skip breakfast Breakfast is more than a cup of coffee or a glass juice, it is an important meal. it replenishes energy after the overnight fast, provides energy and minimize hunger during the day, which will help prevent overeating.

It also provides vital nutrients to help us think and face any situation with which we can meet. Good breakfast basis for a good day sit. Do not skip meals and try to eat light in the evening try to spend no more than 4 or 5 hours without eating . Being hungry at mealtime could void your ability to make healthy choices as well as trigger a binge. Constant energy levels help you stay alert.

Also, do not eat during the day and finish with a great meal at night, interferes with digestion and disrupts sleep. Is key remain as faithful as possible to the regular schedule of meals.  You can read more tips here L’examen honnête de phen375

Spain completes its final training session before flying to Austria
National coach Vicente del Bosque (2i), with players Mikel San Jose (i), Aritz Aduriz (3d), and Inaki Williams (2d), among others, during the training of the Spanish football team in the city sports Las Rozas (Madrid) to prepare for participation in the European Championship in France. EFE

National coach Vicente del Bosque (2i), with players Mikel San Jose (i), Aritz Aduriz (3d), and Inaki Williams (2d), among others, during the training of the Spanish football team in the city sports Las Rozas (Madrid) to prepare for participation in the European Championship in France. EFE


The Spanish team completed a double training session on his last day in Soccer City with In home personal trainer before flying to Austria, where Euro 2016 will prepare a concentration and two friendly matches.

Vicente del Bosque continues to work with a group of players with many new faces and the missing numerous international for joining with a first group will on Saturday after playing the finals of Copa several countries, which are goalkeepers Iker Casillas, Sergio Rico and David De Gea, more Jordi Alba, Gerard Pique, Sergio Busquets, Andres Iniesta, Thiago Alcantara and Alvaro Morata.

And eventually one with players of Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid (Carvajal, Sergio Ramos, Lucas Vázquez and Juanfran, Koke and Saul Ñíguez), who on Saturday played the final of the Champions League and will join the Red following the merger Austria when they are back to Las Rozas.

The first to get to the orders of coach who did not start the merger earlier this week, is the center of Barcelona Marc Bartra will integrate the expedition moves to Austria tomorrow.

On Wednesday Del Bosque he worked intensively with the players available, completing the double session with an afternoon training session in which after the usual Rondos and exercises with ball touch and pressure, eventually contesting a party with colorful goals.

They give the maximum in every session with the dream of debuting deserving group forming Pau López, Sergio Asenjo, Hector Bellerín, Diego Llorente, Jorge Meré, Lekue, Pablo Fornals, Marco Asensio, Denis Suárez, Inaki Oyarzabal Williams and Miker. Most of them will have the prize in the first test of the Spanish team next Sunday in Saint Gallen Arena against Bosnia.

For now, the goal of Del Bosque is to improve the physique of players who will be at Euro France and each session will see finer some as Cesc Fabregas, Nolito, David Silva recovered from his ankle injury and Pedro Rodriguez, who signed several many beautifully crafted in training. In one of the teams, the coach tested a common front Athletic Club with Artiz Aduriz and Williams pointed.

On Thursday, international madrugarán to leave Soccer City airport road, flying from 9:30 pm to Friedrichshafen, where they completed road trip to the town of Schruns, where already focused on the preparation of other major events .

Air travel with dog: five key before flying

When traveling by plane with the dog, it is important to know the rules of each airline and arrive at the airport at least three hours before

A transfer of residence or a vacation to a distant destination may require air travel with the dog. However, before moving to the can, both inside and outside of Spain, should consider five key tips: the plane ride with the dog requires preplanning, go to the vet before the flight, consider some tricks to avoid dizziness during the plane ride, choose a carrier that supports the dog and know their rules , as they vary according to the company, you can learn more at

1. Prepare the plane ride with the dog

A plane ride with the dog needs a preplanning . The health of our dog is one of the most important aspects to consider before choosing the airplane as transportation.

reservations must be made in advance and indicate whenever he travels on the plane with a dog

“Consider how the animal is and if chosen travel destination you will any problems or inconvenience , ” advises the Affinity Foundation , protection of the rights of domestic animals, in their ‘Guide to travel with pets’. This manual travel with pets includes helpful tips for traveling safely with the dog.

Among others, it is recommended to study “how the dog will travel in the plane,” learn the necessary procedures, make reservations in advance and always indicate that traveling with a dog. “Try at all times to avoid last minute surprises,” added from the Affinity Foundation.

2. Seek veterinarian before flying with can

The dog should be in good health to face a plane trip . Immunization records of our four – legged friend must be current. However, dog health problems can occur at the place of destination. This explains that before embarking on the trip, is advisable to locate a clinic with emergency room and write down your phone number and address.

In addition, the dog must be well identified, because the microchip is mandatory in the European Union. On flights from EU countries also it requires the canine passport . This European passport for dogs identifies animals and tourists is a way to prove that the dog does not suffer any serious contagious disease.

In any case, it should be in the airport with enough time to allow the authorities to review dog health documentation time. A good option is to avoid unpleasant unforeseen arrive at least three hours before flight.

3. Tips to avoid dizziness during air travel

No wonder the dog dizzy on the plane. An option to prevent it is to eat foods to avoid, at least for four hours prior to the flight. The excess water intake is not recommended when the dog is prone to motion sickness.

4. Choose a carrier that supports the dog as a traveler

The Affinity Foundation says that “most airlines allow pets on board.” However, the place of travel for the dog on the plane, mostly determined by the size and weight of our four-legged friend.

To prevent dizziness, avoid the dog to eat for four hours prior to flight

“As a general rule, the dog must travel in the hold and could only do so in the cabin with us if you meet certain requirements , ” say from the foundation. The guide dogs are allowed itself to travel alongside their owners.

5. The rules of air travel for the dog vary by company

The requirements for accepting our dog in the aircraft cabin vary with each airline. This explains why, before flying, we should be sure that we have all the information necessary to know that the dog will be welcomed on board. Often the websites of the airlines report all details.

While Iberia and Vueling accepted Dogs up to eight kilos in their cockpits, Air France only allows the dogs of less than six kilos traveling with the owners. In other cases, the rules are even more rigid. EasyJet and Ryanair do not allow animals in their cabins, unless they are guide dogs.

Tips for preparing the plane ride with the dog

  1. Make reservations in advance and always indicate that travel on the plane with a dog.
  2. The dog immunization record must be current.
  3. Before flying, be aware that the dog must be properly identified: the microchip is mandatory in the European Union.
  4. Locate your destination in a clinic emergency room before embarking on the trip and enter your phone number and address.
  5. It should be at the airport early enough to allow health authorities to review the documentation of the dog: at least three hours before the flight.
  6. Remember that the requirements to accept the dog in the aircraft cabin vary with each airline.
Airlines flying to Mauritius

You plan to organize a trip or your next family vacation in Mauritius … the plane is the only alternative! Check out our recommendations to find the best flight to villas in mauritius.

The Direct daily flights to Mauritius from the France

Mauritius is about 11 hours of nonstop flight. You will land at the airport Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Air Terminal, at Plaisance in the South East of the country, 1 hour drive from the capital Port Louis.
The departures are usually held in Paris in late afternoon, arriving the next morning to Mauritius . Three companies live serving the destination. AIR FRANCE This prestigious airline can boast of today hold 380 aircraft in its fleet, enabling it to offer customers an exceptional variety of destinations all throughout the year. Air France is the first airline in Europe to offer its customers trips Airbus A380, guaranteeing an ever renewed commitment to provide the best air service. Comfort and serenity await you on board Air France flights, and the company intends to make every effort to preserve this image made of prestige and excellence. AIR MAURITIUS Since 1 October 2008, by strengthening its partnership with air France, air Mauritius is able to offer daily flights in code share with the French company via Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport with the best price conditions from some to Province cities of Mauritius. The flight service is unforgettable and already legendary. Each passenger enjoys his arrival aboard the incomparable hospitality Mauritian. CORSAIR Created in 1981, Corsair is a subsidiary of TUI Travel PLC, the world tourism group present in 180 countries around the monde.Chaque year, nearly 1 300,000 passengers travel on Corsair lines worldwide. In May 2013 the company completed an ambitious program of fleet renewal and has completely reconfigured devices with an innovative entertainment system on individual touch screens. Its loyalty program “Club Corsair” enables customers to benefit from cheaper rates and favorable terms. With Corsair you can join Mauritius from Orly South at 3 weekly flights

Indirect flights to Mauritius

The list below is not exhaustive, but cited the airlines seem to us worthy of interest by the quality of their services, pricing and regular rotations.EMIRATES Since 1985 at the time that a modest business Transport,Emirates has demonstrated a spectacular dynamism to become today an airline offering a remarkable level of performance. Both technically and commercially, the company puts forward all the customer at the center of its concerns, and this choice to serve you better feel for each trip. Their expanding network of already offers more 100 destinations in 60 countries. Several daily flights Paris-Nice-Dubai and Dubai are accessible.These will allow you to access Mauritius via their correspondence platforms. BRITISH AIRWAYS After more than 90 years of existence, the qualities of a flight British Airways are more to prove. It is now common knowledge that the airline demonstrated an accuracy and a seriousness that can be rightly proud of the UK. BA has evolved over time to offer today its customers a modern and efficient organization that is daily expressed by an absolutely flawless service. Mauritius to rally from France, it is possible to embark to Paris (Orly and Roissy), Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Montpellier, Nantes, Nice, Grenoble, Chambery or Figari. Flights are daily and must transit through England. AIR AUSTRALFormerly named Air Meeting, the company Air Austral has existed for over 30 years and serves mainly the Indian Ocean area from Europe.Responding to the quality requirements of large international companies, it undertakes as at the client the comfort of the safety of its passengers by developing a flight safety program and quality assurance. The company stands out as a benchmark in the Indian Ocean region and ensures provide appropriate services to people with special needs. Daily flights via Saint Denis are scheduled in the late afternoon from CDG.

Caution, however, flights via a stopover airport result in accumulation of airport taxes that impact the price of the ticket.

Lost weight and Fly

The art of travel … preserving figure

Fly and eat

just wanted to fly without succumbing to the temptation to eat. Shortly before publishing my second book, The clairvoyant Calle Ocho, I managed to lose 10 kilos. No, I do not congratulate yourself . I did using questionable methods because I was desperate. Las Mejores Pastillas para Adelgazar Rapido , magic and even injections pills course I knew quelos kilos return if it did not change my eating habits, but after the failure of 101 healthy attempts to lose weight, I became convinced that only needed the “push” to see me thin to encourage me to eat better. the day I discarded my old jeans size 12 and slid into a beautiful dress size eight, told me that it was time to start a new era in my diet and filled my kitchen spices, fruits, vegetables and ingredients with which to prepare as healthy as delicious first, as my days consisted of writing a new novel in his pajamas from home, it was not difficult to control temptations, substitute ingredients and motivate reading forties magazines full of models with bodies teenager. Everything was going great until the book and my editor sent me the schedule of presentations that included trips to Puerto Rico, New York, San Francisco and Mexico City was published. Instead of rejoicing thinking of my readers, my first thought focused on the kilograms hopelessly fatten on each of those trips, my fight weight loss fading hopeless. My husband advised me to relax because “no fat so fast” . I ignored him during the first trip to Puerto Rico and even said a ‘no’ to bacalaitos, fritters and sorullitos corn in the airport waiting for a delayed flight I said yes to a delicious mofongo with shrimp enchiladas and a glass of Mavi ( a kind of fermented tea made from the root of the tree Mavi) that tasted like heaven. Result? According to the scale at which I ran to weigh myself as soon returned to Miami almost two recovered kilos. When I finished mourn, I walked to my center private psychotherapy (my bookshelf) and I was reading long hours, creating there the plan that has helped me . to maintain my weight loss despite nine visits to other airports has three parts: relax, plan and distracting.And it is that boarding a plane for me a huge green light inviting me to eat everything because “who knows if then I can.” So I start to relax the day before traveling. I pack it easy, take a bath with salts, listen to music and meditate on the unlikelihood of stressful scenarios I usually imagine. The second step? To plan! If it’s a short trip, I bring my own food can be a wrap of turkey, cheese and spinach, a piece of brie cheese with wheat crackers and grapes, or a means delicious chicken Rottiserie with an avocado and whole lemon. Wear plastic silverware and napkins to cut them up and accompany my chicken with a simple salad of avocado on the plane. It also took a small container (the baby food are perfect) with a mixture of spices. On the plane, short lemon and squeeze the container and ready. End so pleased that when the stewardess asks if I want something, invariably smile and respond “just water for me, thanks.” Alternatively, investigated the airport through which I will travel. Today it is rare that the airport does not offer healthy choices. Always choose to include protein in what you buy. The third step is distracting. Carries bananas, apples, dark chocolate bars and even boiled eggs “seasoned” with your favorite hot sauce and a couple of crispy tortilla chips. I always also take sugarless gum to control anxiety, as I prefer to look wild goat for a few minutes of turbulence that can not zip up pants for weeks. Finally I said to myself accompanied by an exquisite book and fabulous magazines capable to generate enough inspiration to make me say … “who need to eat? To me only it makes me missing fly. “

Airlines, European companies do not measure up

OCU, along with 5 other consumer associations, makes legitimate paid surveys of more than 9,200 travelers on airports and airlines. The findings reveal that large European and American airlines are not up to par, and are preferred Asian consumers.

Madrid, March 26, 2014. OCU, along with 5 other consumer organizations, has surveyed more than 9,200 users to find out which airlines and airports which are preferred by them.Similarly, OCU has been interested in the main problems that were found by passengers.Again, the companies and Asian airports stand out for their high valuations . The survey is published in the journal OCU-Compra Maestra in April.


Asian airlines are the most valued by passengers. In fact, the first 6 airlines listed in the ranking are Asian. Users include comfort, crew, timeliness, quality of food and supply on board. All this without an exorbitant price, unlike some European well valued.

Some low cost, used by 21% of respondents in the past year, do not take bad jobs or are synonymous with poor service. This is the case of the German German Wings, which figures prominently ninth and is the highest rated on flights of less than 3 hours. Followed Norwegian, Norwegian point you get a remarkably high. Both are representatives of small regional companies or economic court in valuation exceeding that once were large state – owned airlines .

Alight at the table to 25th place to find a Spanish airline. This is the Binter Canarias has had a very positive evolution over the last ten years. In recent posts are Iberia, a company that, together with Alitalia, which tops the list of problems with luggage.


OCU has also been interested in the problems suffered by passengers: one in three was delayed received no explanation from the company. Only 1 in 10 passengers received financial compensation for the cancellation of their flight; 27% of passengers arrived more than 15 minutes late and 6% of the passengers received his luggage with a problem or delay.


The picture does not change much when OCU questions about satisfaction airports. The Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo occupy the top three positions in its scope to sit, abundance and reliability of information screens or cleanliness of the toilets. All this without losing sight of Tokyo is one of the busiest airports in the world. This is proof that a large airport does not have to be chaotic and uncomfortable.


The Spanish top rated airports are Reus and Malaga . Occupy a decent position 22 and 23 in the table. Must descend to the 38th to reach a large international airport, Barcelona and even more to find Barajas Airport which is ranked 74.

Among the main problems that make negatively assess an airport is the waiting time for luggage. An average wait of 24 minutes is excessive for which is supposed to be the most modern and important airport of Spain.


Already several weeks ago was held in Los Angeles the 85th Edition of the Oscars in Hollywood and was lived on Movie4k, where awarded enhanced commercial movies which we could see in our cinemas in the last year. The case is that we raised the specter of a review and to mention some of our favorite aviation films (and even a space).

In this article we do not intend to make a film critic or will discover anything new, but if we are pleased to share with you a small selection of the movies that we believe are a good referent of aeronautical films and, above all, they have made us enjoy the passion for aviation and space. You can easily find these movies on movie25.

3,2,1, took off!



Click to see the video

To begin with, a true classic of aviation. A movie made into a film after a book by Tom Wolfe. A tour of the career of aviation since the break for the first time of the MACH-1 aboard the Bell X-1 of Chuck Yeager, to the Gemini space program with the start-up in the space of the first man in a spaceship. See the specially prepared B-29 at his belly and throwing to the X-1 with its rocket engine, is still, quite an experience.

The X-1 can be seen in one of the rooms of the National Air and Space Museum in Washington and was an aircraft specially built by Bell under specifications of the still NACA (NASA) and paid with funds from the U.S. air force and which performed their tests in the aerodrome of Maroc Fied, now called Edwards Air Base.

In this film, also appears other aircraft that shone for many years in various air force, the F-104 Starfighter and where Yeager again carried out a spectacular flight until it enters loss and just throwing in parachute.

Highlight the performance of the cast of actors who squander aviation in every scene of the nearly three-hour length of this tape. It may seem long, but you can enjoy every second.

We move forward in our journey and mentioned another film with memorable scenes for many reasons…



Press to vel video

Who does not remember “Patroni” at the controls of a B-707 tucked into a pile of snow and disobeying orders from his superiors to save the plane until they desguazaran it there itself…

Airport 70 is based on the novel by Arthur Hailey and is one of those movies that became so fashionable on dramas and disasters focused on aviation that were present for many years and that they would roll a lot of sequels each with its greater or lesser importance, but in this case the performance of actors like Burt Lancaster Dean Martin, George Kennedy and Helen Hayes among many others that appear, make that we remember this film as one of those classics that we have to mention without a doubt. Oscar and Golden Globe in 1971.

Please, let us remember to Jacqueline Bisset… one of the most beautiful hostesses who has had the film… And we do not forget the explosion of the Briefcase bomb on board and of the old woman who strained on airplanes as well as so… unthinkable right now at our airports but that make this film a plot that keeps us glued to the television.

A film that now looks quite old, but to see the B-707 in action, pilots and hostesses of the era uniforms, the atmosphere at an airport then, nothing to do with these today, no waste! Nostalgia aside, an essential film.

Now, we go back even further in time to go to a historical fact to remember…



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This film of the year 1957, superbly played by Jimmy Stewart, reflects the great work made by Charles Linderg. He begins narrating their flights to carry mail by the country, until its final crossing the Atlantic and arriving in Paris trip. All a challenge for her time and that this film us makes no doubt recall.

He enjoys every aspect of the construction of the “artisan” aircraft, designed and built by hand by some few engineers, in addition to tests for takeoff with bad weather conditions and the vicissitudes implied by the long journey to Lindberg. All this makes this film an essential film on the history of aviation that should own all professional and amateur in his library.

Now we move forward a few decades to laugh a little about ourselves, the professionals of aviation, with the next film…



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This madcap comedy is considered by the American Film Institute as one of the funniest of all time movies, and no wonder. Sequences one after another of countless Follies on board an aircraft with the greatest disaster of pilot, possible more screwy doctor, wildest passengers who can be found, and a control tower of airport memorable for his disastrous but hilarious performance, make this tape of aviation one comedy without sense that, at least once in life there is to do.

Essential to remember the actions of Karim Abdul Jabbar as a Copilot who just deranged child in cabin and emergency inflatable snowman… or the dialogue of bream in cabin “truck, change… striker… the red zones and airport Greens…”.

A leap in the time back again and we’re going to the World War II… you can watch it here couch tuner.



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What about this war clasicazo. Wonderful in all aspects, the huge roster of actors who staged it and each of her scenes. A film based on the fight that the RAF English had with the German Luftwaffe during the years 1939-1945, but above all, focused on the fighting that took place in the year 1940.

Spectacular Hurricane and Spitfire fighters and German Heinkel-111 bombers, Stukas, JU-52 transport… in short, an air display without precedent, and that may not be know… many of its scenes were filmed in Spain, specifically in Tablada, Seville Air Base. To achieve greater realism in the scenes of combat General Alemán Adolf Galland acted as Advisor advising on each of them.Obviously with great success.

And since we are with military aviation, as not to mention another film that has inspired thousands of current military and civilian pilots.



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What can be said of TopGun which has not been said already, or who do not know! Who does not remember of Jester, Iceman, Charlie, of Goose… and each one of the scenes. A marvel of aviation with amazing scenes and fighting dissimilar really well filmed thanks to director Ridley Scott and his screenwriters. A nearly cult movie for some who even created a style of clothing and lifestyle, which became fashionable the bike Kawasaki GPZ900R driving its sales, and that is remembered in the tours of the city of San Diego visiting Charlie’s House.

And now finally, we leave another jewel in the celluloid with a change of topic but also to all those who like aviation and space must bear in mind…



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We’re going to space to remember the first film – at the moment we don’t have news for another – shot in zero gravity of truth of 30 seconds. And how was it possible? because rented during the time an aircraft prepared with all the stage on board to make parabolic flights which generate zero gravity. Interesting, isn’t it?

In short, a great adventure that beyond the “Houston we have a problem” and of the incomplete travel to the plains of Fra Mauro, is an adventure where the failure was not an option, and that reflected what must have been the space mission. A disaster that turned into a huge success for NASA.

We could spend hours talking about the Apollo program and everything what it meant in the career space, but better, who has not seen yet this film, please, that see it already!

We know that there are many more, and that some are equal to or better than the here mentioned, starting with “the”inverted flight of Denzel Washington, following by “Moquito Squadron” and its flush in the Norwegian fjords, and ending with “Knights of the sky” and their theft of the Mirage 2000, but did not want to miss this opportunity to remind ourselves of this branch of the spectacle that is the film , and in particular the aviation film.

Plane Travel to Mauritius

Organize a plane trip

Located in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is the second largest island in the archipelago the Mascarene after the French island of Reunion, located about 170 kilometers southeast. Its sovereignty extends to the neighboring islands of San Brandón or Cargados Carajos, Rodrigues and Agalega islands, being the Portuguese sailor Pedro Mascarenhas the first Westerner to reach the islands in 1513. After the Portuguese, the island was dominated by the Dutch , French and British finally, gaining independence from Britain in 1968.

Visiting Mauritius is like playing Robinson Crusoe but with all the conveniences and amenities necessary to enjoy an unforgettable stay in this classic honeymoon destination. Relax at its spectacular beaches, bathe in a turquoise sea, leaving boat with fishermen, enter on foot in the wild valleys, wandering through colorful markets full of aromas, are some of the things you can do when traveling to these islands. A refreshing mix of sun and beach seasoned with exotic and other small pleasures like walking and getting lost in the exotic vegetation, visit its ancient Hindu temples, taste some of the delicious specialties of Creole and water sports, cooking are just some of the possibilities offered by this spectacular destination.

The Land of Seven Colors, Charamel area offers a spectacle of colors that change depending on the sunlight, ranging from ocher to purple, to red or brown. This curious phenomenon is due to erosion. The whole territory of Mauritius is of volcanic origin. However, for years the island does not register volcanic activity whatsoever, although we can see numerous craters like the Trou-aux-Cerfs , no less than 300 meters in diameter and 80 meters deep, surrounded by a by a beautiful lake and a pine forest. On the other hand, emotions lovers who want to conquer the highest peak on the island, can enjoy spectacular views of the Piton de la Petite Riviere Noire , with its towering 830 meters high.

After exploring and visit the inland areas, there is nothing better than heading to the coast to enjoy the many spectacular beaches of Mauritius. However, before opting for a particular area, it is better to know a little ground to find the most suitable to our tastes and preferences. North of Mauritius are the most lively and frequented by tourists, especially along Great Bay, beaches where the concentration of bars, restaurants and clubs is impressive. Much more wild and unspoiled, the beaches of south offer a totally different side. In this area hotels and resorts are much less numerous, but the fact that luxury is not in short supply. In fact, it is in this same place where the exclusive high-end resort Domaine de Bel Ombre, built on what was once a major sugar plantation.

The west side of Mauritius reserve us the most beautiful sunsets of the island. No tourist who resist immortalize the moment with the imposing Morne Brabant as a backdrop. Silver Flic en Flac, a little further north, is one of our favorites. On the other hand, the east coast is not exempt luxury being the most frequented by golfers for their reputed and famous golf area.

Tourist information

Mauritius is a tourist destination that above its hotel infrastructure and entertainment highlights for the hospitality of its people and extreme tolerance, one of the best examples of coexistence of multiple cultures and ethnicities that populate the archipelago.

In this small island paradise good weather almost never fails. However, to enjoy the warm and humid summer of Mauritius, it is preferable to visit the island between December and March. However, it is also the time which can form more cyclones, although they flogged the island rarely. The best periods, rather dry, are those between May and June, September and November. During the Mauritian winter, between July and August, the west and north coasts are nicer than this, windswept.

The four areas are spectacular coast of Mauritius and each is characterized by a particular value. North sands stand out for the wide range of hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs offering front line, while the South are much more wild and quiet. The beaches of East and West also stand out for their beauty and are characterized by a climate factor that differentiates each other. And it is that given the geographical situation of Mauritius, the wind is much stronger in the East, making this an especially suitable area for practicing sailing sports, while the beaches of the West are much quieter for swimming.

In addition to its spectacular beaches, Mauritius villa also boasts plenty of natural and cultural attractions that can not miss on your visit. The known Garden of mandarins, with its spectacular giant water lilies, and manifestations of local folklore as séga , traditional dance of the country will allow you todiscover the lesser – known face of the country.


I know several friends and acquaintances, and also by reading, going to the Freedom Dental Melbourne is a real torture and produces a frontal rejection. There are even patients who only hear the swishing the strawberry and totally unhinged. I also know people close by reference even for a simple extraction of a tooth have received anesthesia. Also by a dear person in my circle, that payment of the mountains, can not remember what village it was, I think in Los Batanes, years ago, a certain day spent consulting a dentist moved from La Laguna to effect, in a rustic dispensary , and that he came the day and time indicated had to keep long tail, and when it came to the latter, after having fallen asleep or injected into the grinding wheel to remove the corresponding anesthesia, he said, “Go away and wait” for continue with the rest of patients. The man understood they had already done the extraction and went home happy for those intricate paths, telling the neighbors who was, who had taken the wheel and had not hurt anything. When he came home and passed the effect of anesthesia he found that the wheel had it and also infected with large, desperate pain, so he rushed back to the clinic for the actual extraction. How happy he did not know what awaited him!

As happens to me the same and that for my age I have suffered many extractions, of course the “judgment” and the preliminary hearing (already me I have shaken off the end, I mean trials before the Courts because the judgment mentally still not have lost, thankfully), and each time makes me more nervous tension going to the dentist and that I have one that besides having great technical updating, it is a great person and friend Dr. Carlos Gonzalez; and I do not want to tell today’s adventure that for a simple implantation of a molar, had surgery an hour and a half in the healing of the previous molar extraction was extracted and having a good foundation for the implant, however after hour and a half of operation, only filled in with “bone powder” and gums were baked with a thread that apparently was not very strong and broke several times cracking gum, that is a true “medieval torture” without the implant could be done, now expected within three or four months. It is the fatum of life, fate and unpredictable event.

The same happened to me with aircraft for many years that being insular we have the great disadvantage that to travel, not only for pleasure but by student or business need, take the plane that is the mass transit today day moving hundreds of millions of flights around the world and in Spain as well.

Prior to shipment day and I was nervous, I had to take a tranquilizer and palms I sweated and I could hardly sleep after arranging all the luggage and hand together with my wife who in these things is handyman for his perhaps too tidy (although the “perhaps” about) character and certainly had no fear to the point that I always gave the window seat and slept like a baby, even on transoceanic voyages of seven eight hours and also when the plane came to a zone of turbulence, even large aircraft, I say small, large aircraft, also suffer strong, and sometimes very strong, vibration and drop of hundreds of meters, and for self-preservation I clung very tightly to the front seat (poor me!) thinking it was safer and of course could not sleep with pills, until fortunately the plane touched down, but not before making a wobble in the wings and almost touched on the floor of the track, landing at last happily; and according to the pilots, if the blow is dry is that it is a good landing, but I dislike and usually applauded the arrival to the mainland.

But it happened that on a trip to Central and South America, the first to Colombia, Bogotá and then to the Caribbean islands, far north of San Andres and Providencia, took several planes of various lines, including Colombia, including a plane, yes two engines, but upon entering I took a header into the front gate so short it was and the ceiling, then had to go crouch, which took us to the small and tiny dirt track of the latter island, which by the way I first heard about the “spainenglish” which is a mixture of Spanish and English.

Then another time we went to the South, namely Sao Paulo in Brazil, one of the largest megacities in the world, but not before spotting a kind of geyser from the height of the plane in the middle of the virgin forest that turned out to be the Iguazu Falls, that after we visited and stayed for two days in one of their big hotels.

Only the approach to the airport of Sao Paulo, which can now count almost as Mexico, more than twenty million people, since the city was sighted until almost the sea, in one of its incoming or gulfs where the airport is located, took nearly half an hour the plane and there had occasion to join together with the Mayor Mayor and our mayor at the time Elfidio Alonso, in the so-called “schoolyard” Jesuitical foundation of the Venerable and Blessed “Padre Anchieta”, born in this city of La Laguna .

And we find there the religious faith they profess Paulistas Blessed, founder and tireless missionary whose city donated to La Laguna its image, that of a shepherd boy who left this city to Coimbra and Lisbon for its ecclesiastical, canonical and humanistic studies and later Brazil.

Of course we flew in several Argentine airlines and Brazil, Sao Paulo and Iguazu, flying by helicopter the famous “Garganta del Diablo”, which is the largest of the falls, which certainly make an unprecedented landscape in the world to which we must his knees before the immensity and beauty of this phenomenon work of nature through the centuries.

That took another line of aviation Argentina to go to the big city of Rio de la Plata, the beautiful and “huge” city of Buenos Aires, following other routes and other aircraft. It turned out that both flight and thus change of aircraft, I lost fear, more terror, to travel by air and already picked an airplane as if it were a bus.

Old pilots say that the most dangerous air travel is the drive or taxi from the city to the airport … (by statistics) …